Get an unforgettable eating experience in Copenhagen!

Sharing is caring and we, as true Kobenhavnere, want to share with you our best local spots for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Don’t waste your time at tourist traps and have a look at the selection of CPH insider.

Only quality and popular spots

Our website will help you to identify quality restaurants which are currently popular among locals. The selection is continuously revised and updated as only few places are selected. The majority of websites have tons of choices leaving you with uncertainty: “what should we choose?”

Our goal is not to list all good restaurants of the city as there are numerous! Our goal is to detect the best and validated places, which we actually visited and certified. Only those spots will be listed here at CPH insider.

So why are we doing it?

Because we love and appreciate a combination of great food and social interaction. Because we enjoy travelling and for us having a positive eating experience has a gigantic impact on a total experience of the city.

We love Copenhagen and we want you to love Copenhagen!

Our payoff is sharing is caring. Through CPH insider we will guide you during the course of your entire visit and ensuring that by the time you are leaving Copenhagen you will hopefully say: “I want to come back!”